A Discussion on the Right to Be Forgotten

What is the right to be forgotten?  What is its relationship to the right to privacy and free expression on the Internet?  How has it fared in the European Union?  All these questions will be considered in a discussion between our own Professors Edward Lee and Richard Warner.  Lunch provided!

Meet the 2015-2016 Executive Board

Congratulations to our new executive board!  Peter Cheun will serve as President, Mohini Lal as Vice President of Internal Affairs, Kayla Higgins …

ACS Executive Board Elections

Join us to run for and/or elect a new executive board and begin planning for another exciting year.  Lunch provided!

FDLA 711 Training Flyer

Training for 711 Law Students

Join us for a training presented by First Defense Legal Aid, which operates a 24-hour hotline where callers can obtain legal representation …