BLSA Blast (Week of Feb. 7th)

City-Wide Events

University of Chicago School of Law: BLSA’s Black History Month: 

All Chicago Kent BLSA members are invited to join UChicago’s Black History Month events at their law school located at: 1111 East 60th Street, Chicago IL. Their featured events include: Minorities on the Bench, Doing Business in Africa, Police Brutality: Deconstructing Criminal Justice and Race Issues, The Southern Manifesto in Myth and Memory and more! See attached flyer for dates and Room numbers.

MWBLSA Regional Convention:

It’s that time of year again – the MWBLSA Regional Convention! This year, the MWBLSA Regional Convention will take place from February 16-21st in Chicago, IL.

The Convention will include a variety of sessions and eventsgeared towards advancing the legal career and practice skills of all attendees. In addition, the Convention is a great opportunity to meet and network with MWBLSA members from across the region!

Attached is the initial flyer for Regional Convention. Students can register here  for a cost of $55. Use registration code “MWBLSA2016GO455 ”

For more information about the Regional Convention, please contact the MWBLSA Director of Programming, Sharon Uti, at


Prudential Internship for 1Ls:

The National Bar Association (“NBA”) is pleased to partner withPrudential Financial, Inc. (“Prudential”) to provide a meaningful summer internship opportunity for a highly-motivated first-year law student.  Through this partnership, the NBA will select two (2) students to join the 2016 summer law intern class at Prudential for a10-week internship at Prudential’s New Jersey offices, for a stipend of approximately $10,000. See the attached flyer for more details!


Cook County Bar Association Foundation Scholarship:

The CCBA Foundation is offering scholarships!. All applications must be received by February 12, 2016! Scholarship recipients will be announced at their Black History Awards Receptions on Tuesday February 16, 2016. A completed application will include 1) Applicant information form, 2) Resume, and 3) Essay. Check out the attached application for more details!

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