Volume 17, Issue 2

17 Cʜɪ.-Kᴇɴᴛ J. Iɴᴛᴇʟʟ. Pʀᴏᴘ. __ (2018)

DRD Response to Seth P. Waxman’s Article

Donald R. Dunner

Parallel Novels and the Reimagining of Literary Notables by Follow-On Authors: Copyrights Issues When Characters Are First Created by Others

Scott D. Locke

Remedies and Procedure: Patent Law’s Continuing Frontiers

John M. Golden

IP Neutrality and Benefit Sharing for Seasonal Flu: An Argument In Favor of WHO PIP Framework Expansion

Arielle Sloan

R. Prince’s New Portraits – The Art of Fair Use

Mathilde Halle

A Court Divided

Shubha Ghosh

Are Internet-Implemented Applications of Block-Chain Technology Patent-Eligible in the United States?

Gurneet Singh

Charting Supreme Court Patent Law, Near and Far

Joseph Scott Miller

I Fought the Shaw: A Game Theory Framework and Approach to the District Courts’ Struggle with IPR Estoppel

Andrew V. Moshirnia

Fair or Free Use of Copyrighted Materials in Education and Research and the Limit of Such Use

Muhammad Masum Billah and Saleh Albarashdi

The Post-Grant Life: Coordinating & Strategizing Challenges of Issued Patents in Multiple Continents

Karen E. Sandrik

Yes, The PTAB is Unconstitutional

Gregory Dolin, MD

#Squadgoals: A Response to Seth Waxman

Amelia Smith Reinchart

The Problem with PTAB’s Power Over Section 101

Kristen Osenga

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