Summer Candidacy Program Materials

The 2017 Chicago-Kent Law Review Summer Candidacy Program will run from 10am on June  21, 2017 to 10pm on July 5, 2017. Please contact Mike Zolfo (, if you have any questions!

You can find the Instructions and Materials for the 2017 Program below:

You may find the below documents helpful in your write-on attempt:

  • An article that provides general advice on how to write a case comment
  • Another good source for examples of well written student notes and comments are the Chicago-Kent Law Review issues archived on this site — each issue contains two or more articles that were selected for publication from the Staff Writing Program

Additionally, the papers below are examples of successful summer write-on efforts. These papers only meant to be representative of what has been done in the past and should not be construed as a guideline for required content, style, and structure:

Good luck!