Cite Checking Resources


This page contains all of the information that cite checkers and editors need in order to properly cite check and edit articles. These documents are updated regularly as new issues are discovered in the process. Additionally, current members will be given access to a Google Drive folder that contains these documents and others. Please be sure to review these documents before cite checking and editing each issue you are assigned throughout the current academic year.

Resources Assembled by the Law Review

CKLR Cite Checking Processes

The documentation is described in more detail below. An embedded Google Drive is available as well and contains routinely updated resources that should be referenced if questions arise.

Bluebook Folder

Contains documents related to the Bluebook Citation Manual. This folder also contains some of the commonly missed Bluebook rules and links to various other law school Bluebook resources.


This folder contains three documents that provide a checklist of activities that each cite checker should go through when completing their various law review assignments.

How To Documents

This folder contains various “how to” documents related to the 3-Day Deadline, 3-Week Deadline, Using Google Drive, Naming Conventions, Scanning, Annotating, and Verifying Sources, and Citing Internet Sources.

External Resources

  • IIT Chicago-Kent Law Library
  • Online Bluebook
    • Every Team Member will need access to the Bluebook Cite Checking Manual. It is recommended that students purchase an subscription to the online version of Bluebook. The online version offers constant access without having to carry around a physical copy of the Bluebook, advanced search capabilities, and access to the latest edition of Bluebook.
  • Georgetown Law Bluebook Guide
    • The Georgetown Law Library has put together a great overview and set of tutorials about Bluebook and how students should use utilize the Bluebook in practice.
  • University of Washington Law Library: Bluebook 101
    • The University of Washington Law Library has put together another good overview of the Bluebook. The guide provides practical explanations of Bluebook citations and covers the typical types of Bluebook citations.