Tryout Process

Please See Tryout Materials for the 2017-2018 year.

Candidacy Preferences:

You are currently a 2L or 3L J.D., or L.L.M. student.*

Additionally, IMCHS prefers students who are currently enrolled in or have completed at least one of the core international law courses required for the International Law Certificate (International Law, Comparative Law, International Human Rights,  International Business Transactions, or International Trade). This preference can be pardoned based on other international experience.

Selection Process: Students will be required to write a short brief based on an international law problem and make an oral argument in support of the brief. The information on the exact dates can be found via the link above.

*  Please be aware that current 1L J.D. students are not eligible for the team. However, interested students are welcome and encouraged to attend IMCHS practices and competitions, if permitted. Also, current 1L J.D. students are more than welcome to tryout next year.