2016-2017 Tryout Process

Below are the materials for this year’s IMCHS tryouts. Please prepare a 3-5 page brief (argument section only), along with the candidate application form, and submit via email to imchs@kentlaw.iit.edu by Friday, September 30th at 5pm. Please choose to represent either the applicant or the respondent, and pick only one of the two issues presented. This is a closed universe, with all resources found below, or any references found in those resources.

After submission, you have about a week to prepare a 5-minute oral argument to be held on Thursday, October 6 or Friday, October 7. Please provide a detailed list of your availability on those days on the Candidate Application Form.

*Please note that current 1L J.D. students are not eligible for the team. However, interested students are welcome and encouraged to attend IMCHS practices and competitions, if permitted.


  • International Court of Justice (ICJ) judges are NOT called your honor. Refer to them either by name, ex. Judge Brown, or generally as Your Excellency.
  • Remember that States are sovereigns and as such are not bound to any case law unless they were a party to it. However, it is persuasive. Ex. Germany is not bound to the Military and Paramilitary Activities In and Against Nicaragua (US v. Nic.).
  • States are, however, bound to treaties they are a party to.

Best of luck! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us.


Download (2016-IMCHS-Tryout-Compromis.pdf)

Download (ICCPR.pdf)

Download (Lawless-v.-Ireland.pdf)

Download (Refugee-Survey-Quarterly-2010-Vedsted-Hansen-189-206.pdf)

Download (VCCR.pdf)

Download (VCLT.pdf)

Case Concerning Oil Platforms

The Corfu Channel Case

UN Charter/ICJ Statute