Volume 15, Issue 1 is now available


Google v. Spain: A Right To Be Forgotten? – by Ignacio Cofone

Expansive Rights: FDR’s Proposed “Economic” Bill of Rights – by Patrick J. Austin

Comparative Analysis of the Chinese and Indian FDI Regimes – by Ajay Sharma

Cases and Controversies 

The Truck Stops Here: The Impending Mexico-US Trucking Dispute – by Ryan Hynes

Gay Rights in India: Matter of Naz Foundation Decision – by Nick Brankle

International Criminal Court Prosecutor v. Bosco Ntaganda – by Anna Kuniewicz

Volume 14, Issue 2 is now available


Fair Trade in a Wal-Mart World: What Does Globalization Portend for the TripleBottom Line? – by Linda L. Barkacs & Craig B. Barkacs

Rationalising International Law Rules on Self-Defence: The Pin-Prick Doctrine – by Abhimanyu George Jain

(Start to) Look Out Below!: Creating a Court to Review Targeted Attacks on United States Citizens – by Daniel Bower

The Parties to the Nauru Agreement’s Vessel Day Scheme: Accounting for the Rare Success of an International Agreement – by Lauren D. Bernadett

Cases and Controversies 

Gross v. Switzerland and Right to Die Jurisprudence in the European Court of Human Rights – by Stephen Brown

Trademarks: Who Should Have the Final Say? – by Blake Kocian

Case: H.W. v. Germany – by Mark Hamburger

Child Welfare in Crisis: A Focus on Eastern Europe – by Jenna Holtz

Volume 13, Issue 2 is now available


Attribution Issues in Cyberspace — by Collin S. Allan

Cause, Consideration, Promissory Estoppel, and Promises Under Deed— by Charles Calleros

The Study of International Law in the Spanish Short Nineteenth Century (1808-1898) — by Ignacio de la Rasilla del Moral

Will Parties Take to Tahkim? — by Christina Puglia

Student Articles

Merger Control Under China’s Anti-Monopoly Law – by Shaoping Chen

Securing Protections for Whistleblowers of Securities Fraud in the United States and the European Union – by Thomas C.R. Reynolds

Cases & Controversies

Case: ITV Broadcasting Ltd. and Others v. TV Catchup Ltd. – by Peter Cassata

Case: Ostendorf v. Germany – by Mark Hamburger

Case: Bayatyan v. Armenia – by Jacob Radecki