Bylaws of The American Constitution Society, Chicago-Kent Chapter

  1. All meetings of the executive board shall follow Robert’s Rules of Order upon the request of one officer; otherwise, the meetings shall proceed informally, according to the agenda.
  2. All votes shall be conducted by simple majority.
  3. The executive board shall meet monthly, except during the examination period, and the summer intersession.
  4. The executive board shall consider issues in good faith that have been requested for attention by the membership.  If the matter is deemed controversial to the membership, then the board will submit it to a vote of the membership.
  5. Members shall receive notice of meetings of the executive board at least two days in advance of the meeting.
  6. A quorum at the board meetings will consist of a majority of the board.
  7. The constitution, bylaws, minutes, and financial records of the Society will be made available upon request to any member, official of the Chicago-Kent College of Law (“Kent”), and, from time to time, published on the Internet.
  8. Membership in the Society, pursuant to Article III of our constitution is open to all faculty, staff, and student of Chicago-Kent. Dues for those to whom membership is open will be $10, payable to ACS National at, for the 2013-14 school year.
  9. In the event that the Constitution and Bylaws are silent as to an issue, the executive board will resolve the issue by a majority vote, if there is dissent. Whether this enacts a bylaw or a constitutional amendment depends on what is moved for.
  10. Changes to the bylaws may be made by a simple majority vote of the executive board.
  11. All bylaws shall be read and all future bylaws shall be enacted in compliance with all pertinent rules of conduct of Kent and the Illinois Institute of Technology.
  12. Board members are elected by a majority vote of the existing membership, including the executive board, held in September of each year.
  13. The board may include a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Section Representative, or any other such position the board deems necessary.

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