Welcome to Our New Site!

On behalf of the Chicago-Kent Law Review, we’d like to welcome you to our new website: www.cklawreview.com!

Our new site has everything you need to know about the Chicago-Kent Law Review, including information for prospective authors, subscriptions, and student membership. The site also includes an electronic archive of recent Law Review publications, with PDF downloads of entire articles absolutely free.

Information about the current staff, including executive board biographies and contact information, are also available through our site under the STAFF tab.   The STAFF tab includes cite-checking and source gathering procedure materials, useful resources for researching topics, and information about previous staffs as well.

For all Chicago-Kent students, information pertaining to the Law Review Summer Write-On Competition is available under the PROSPECTIVE MEMBERS tab, along with PDF downloads of writing guides and sample submissions from previous competitions.

The Blog interface also allows us to easily update the site with news about our Law Review, and incorporate new features such as pictures and video from our annual symposiums, dinners and events.  It is our goal to provide a site current with modern trends of information distribution.  Thank you for visiting and come back soon!