Vol. 84, Issue 1

 Who Owns Your Body?

Published: December 2008

Symposium Editor:
Lori Andrews


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In Memoriam
Lori Andrews

Who Owns Your Body?
A Study in Literature and Law

Lori Andrews

What I Have Learned From The Reactions To My Books
Michael Crichton

Expressive Minimalism and Fuzzy Signals: The Judiciary and the Role of Law
Michele Goodwin

What is Owed Participants in Biotechnology research?
Julie A. Burger

Upstream Without a Paddle: Gene Patenting and the Protection of the “Infostructure”
Seth Shulman

Gene Patents and the Product of Nature Doctrine
John M. Conley

Human Gene Patents: Proof of Problems?
Timothy Caulfield

Indigenous Peoples and Gene Disputes
Debra Harry

Intellectual Property and the Politics of Emerging Technology: Inventors, Citizens, and Powers to Shape the Future
Stephen Hilgartner


You Don’t Own Me: Recommendations to Protect Human Contributors of Biological Material After Washington University V. Catalona
Laura B. Rowe

Series Limited Liability Companies: A Possible Solution to Multiple LLCS
Sandra Mertens

Judicial Activism v. Judicial Abdication: A Plea for a Return to the Lochner Era Substantive Due Process Methodology
Brandon S. Swider