Vol. 89, Issue 1

Fringe Economy Lending and Other Aberrant Contracts

Symposium Editor
Sarah Howard Jenkins,
Charles C. Baum Distinguished Professor of Law


Table of Contents (Full Listing of PDF Articles)

Sarah Howard Jenkins
89 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 3 (2014).

Third Party Funding of Personal Injury Tort Claims: Keep the Baby and Change the Bathwater
Terrence Cain
89 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 11 (2014).

An Economic Perspective on Subprime Lending
Michael H. Anderson
89 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 569 (2014)

Immutability and Innateness Arguments about Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Rights
Edward Stein
89 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 53 (2014).

Females on the Fringe: Considering Gender in Payday Lending Policy
Amy J. Schmitz
89 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 65 (2014).

Interest Rate Caps, State Legislation, and Public Opinion: Does the Law Reflect the Public’s Desires?
Timothy E. Goldsmith
Nathalie Martin

89 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 115 (2014).

An Economic Investigation of Rent-to-Own Agreements
Michael H. Anderson
89 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 141 (2014).

Securitizatioin of Aberrant Contracts and Receivables
Thomas E. Plank
89 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 171 (2014).

Legal Uncertainty and Aberrant Contracts: The Choice of Law Clause
William J. Woodward, Jr.
89 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 197 (2014).

Some Economic Insights into the Application of Payment Systems: Walker Thomas Revisted
James W. Bowers
89 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 229 (2014).

Situational Duress and the Aberrance of Electronic Contracts
Nancy S. Kim
89 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 265 (2014).

Tax Ferrets, Tax Consultants, Bounty Hunters, and Hired Guns: The Property Tax Netherworld Fueled by Contingency Fees and Champertous Agreements
J. Lyn Entrikin

89 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 289 (2014).  

Tenure, the Aberrant Consumer Contractt
James J. White
89 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 353 (2014).

Are You Free to Contract Away Your Right to Bring a Negligence Claim?
Scott J. Burnham
89 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 379 (2014).

Student Notes & Comments

The Seventh Circuit Got It Wrong: Supervisors Should Not Face Individual Liability Under Section 1981
Emily Aleisa
89 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 415 (2014).

Missing the Forest for the Trees: Why Supplemental Needs Trusts Should Be Exempt from Medicaid Determinations
Jeffrey R. Grimyser
89 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 439 (2014).

Does State National Bank of Big Spring v. Geithner Stand a Fighting Chance?
Devon J. Steinmeyer
89 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 471 (2014).

Protecting from Endless Harm: A Roadmap for Coercion Challenges After N.F.I.B. v. Sebelius
Eric Turner
89 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 503 (2014).