Vol. 91, Issue 1

Congressional Dysfunction and Executive Lawmaking During the Obama Administration

Symposium Editor
Raquel Aldana


Table of Contents

Congressional Dysfunction and Executive Lawmaking During the Obama Administration
Raquel Aldana
91 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 3 (2016).

Trust in Immigration Enforcement: State Noncooperation and Sanctuary Cities After Secure Communities | Abstract
Ming H. Chen
91 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 13 (2016).

The Executive Power of Process in Immigration Law | Abstract
Jill E. Family
91 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 59 (2016).

Obama’s National Security Exceptionalism | Abstract
Sudha Setty
91 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 91 (2016).

Reviving the Environmental Justice Agenda | Abstract
Rachael E. Salcido
91 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 115 (2016).

The Grass is Not Always Greener: Congressional Dysfunction, Executive Action, and Climate Change in Comparative Perspective | Abstract
Hari M. Osofsky and Jacqueline Peel
91 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 139 (2016).

Feminist-in-Chief? Examining President Obama’s Executive Orders on Women’s Rights Issues | Abstract
Mary Pat Treuthart
91 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 171 (2016).

Presidential Legitimacy Through the Anti-Discrimination Lens | Abstract
Catherine Y. Kim
91 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 207 (2016).

Student Notes & Comments

Second Chances for the Second City’s Vacant Properties: An Analysis of Chicago’s Policy Approaches to Vacancy, Abandonment, & Blight | Abstract
Elizabeth Butler
91 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 233 (2016).

The Technical Barriers to Trade Agreement: A Reconciliation of Divergent Values in the Global Trading System | Abstract
Samantha Gaul
91 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 267 (2016).

Duty of Candor in the Digital Age: The Need for Heightened Judicial Supervision of Stingray Searches | Abstract
Andrew Hemmer
91 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 295 (2016).

From Garner to Graham and Beyond: Police Liability for Use of Deadly Force – Ferguson Case Study | Abstract
Kyle Jacob
91 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 325 (2016).

Limiting Downstream Effects of Patent Licensing Activity in Software and Electronics: An Argument for Alienability of Patent Licenses to Licensees’ Business Successors | Abstract
Anna A. Onley
91 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 361 (2016).

Fighting for Market Share: How a Trade-at Rule Can Improve Market Efficiency | Abstract
Maria Zyskind
91 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 411 (2016).