Katherine Hanson

Editor in Chief

Executive Board


Class of: 2022

Katherine is a 3L at Chicago-Kent. Prior to attending Chicago-Kent she managed corporate education and sales for consumer luxury brands, developed corporate training structures and technical guidebooks for trade practitioners, and later founded a small business. Katherine graduated from Northern Illinois University with an Interdisciplinary degree spanning Business Leadership, Rhetoric, Mathematics, and Spanish. At NIU, Katherine won writing awards from both English and Political Science Departments for separate works and published her first academic article on emotional labor in service work.

Katherine has served as a judicial extern in the Northern District of Illinois, as an extern at the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and as an intern in both the Chicago-Kent Plaintiff’s Employment Clinic and in the Summer 2020 COVID-19 Research Clinic at Chicago-Kent. Katherine previously served as Secretary of the Chicago-Kent Student Bar Association, and, as a single parent, founded PACCK – Parents and Caregivers at Chicago-Kent. In Summer 2021, Katherine served as an Edward Coles Fellow at the Illinois Human Rights Commission, and as a Justice John Paul Stevens Fellow. Katherine also serves as a First-Year Legal writing TA during 3L, and is also a student editor for The Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal at The Institute for Law and the Workplace. Her recent manuscript, “Conduct, Causation, and Comparators: Revisiting the Defense of the Equal Opportunity Sexual Harasser after Bostock,” won the 2021 Mary Rose Strubbe Labor & Employment Competition and placed second in the 2021 Lewis Jackson Memorial National Student Writing Competition in Employment and Labor Law.

In her free time, Katherine enjoys gardening, travel, and spending time with her son.