About Us

The Cyber Security and Data Privacy Society (CSDPS) is a group of law students committed to cutting-edge legal issues related to the internet, mobile and computers. These issues include internet privacy, computer crime, commercial data, and many other subjects. CSDPS’s focus is to provide an avenue for discourse that allows students to learn and think critically about these issues, and to prepare for eventual legal careers in these areas. In addition to inspiring new interest in the cyber security field and providing practical experience, CSDPS acts as a valuable networking vehicle with attorneys through panel discussions, meetings and research opportunities.

Cybersecurity professionals are in high demand. The current U.S. shortage of more than 200,000 qualified employees is expected to reach 1 to 2 million by 2019. Although a recent jump in the number of cyber threats is one reason for this need for talent, that’s just half the problem. The other half of the problem remains a lack of talent entering the field.