Kirstin Mathers (headshot)

Kirstin Mathers

Class of 2021  

My name is Kirstin Mathers, a rising 3L at Kent and ILS Vice President. I have been involved with ILS since my 1L year and had the great opportunity to serve as the previous year’s Treasurer.

I am passionate about advocating on behalf of individuals, particularly individuals whose voices are often suppressed or go unheard. There are a large number of immigrants who are unable to fully use their voice, whether due to the complex and unfamiliar laws, or due to language barriers. With my undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Spanish, I try to incorporate a patient understanding of the individual, a consideration of the individual’s culture, and whenever it is helpful, the use of the Spanish language.

When I become a licensed attorney, I would like to incorporate trauma-informed advocacy into my practice because compassion and empathy are vital to ensuring that individuals feel safe enough to share their stories and attain justice. I want to continue helping the immigration community and will do so by serving as a resource to both our school, and to the community at large.

I look forward to continuing to bring this organization’s mission to life through our many events and outreach this coming year.

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