Law Blogs

Below is a non-exhaustive list of relevant intellectual property, technology and general legal blogs.

Updates and Analyses of Supreme Court Decisions
Good For: Constitutional Law Issues

Prawfs Blog
Opinions from Law School Professors on All Areas of Law
Good For: Finding out what law professors think about stupid questions

Recording Industry Versus the People
News about the fight between the recording industry and consumers
Good For: Copyright

The Patry Copyright Blog
Updates and Analyses for Issues and Developments in Copyright Law
Good For: Copyrights

Updates and Analyses of Issues and Developments in Patent Law
Good For: Patent Law, Patent Litigation

Chicago IP Litigation
Updates and Analyses of Issues and Developments in IP Law in the 7th Circuit
Good For: Practice

Patent Baristas
Updates and Analyses for Bio/Pharma Patent Law
Good For: Bio/Pharma Patent Law

Chicago-Kent Intellectual Property Journal Blog