Do I have to be LGBTQ+ to join the Lambdas?

While Lambdas seeks to promote community among LGBTQ+ students, straight and cisgender allies are welcome to join as well and are strongly encouraged to attend our events.

What resources are there for LGBTQ+ and questioning students at Chicago-Kent?

The Lambdas have worked with the Faculty Diversity Committee and the administration to ensure LGBTQ+ students can access necessary resources on campus. If you are a prospective or current student and have questions or concerns about feeling comfortable and respected on campus, please email one of the officers or

Additionally, Chicago-Kent participates in IIT’s Brave on Campus Program, which helps faculty and staff serve as resources for students who have questions about sexual orientation and gender. There are also a variety of community resources, some of which are available on our LGBTQ+ Resources page.

How can I become involved with the Chicago-Kent Lambdas?

Just send us an email for more information and to join our mailing list! You can also email any of the officers to learn more about our recent work.

What benefits are there to being a part of the Lambdas?

The Lambdas host a variety of events throughout the year, both fun and educational. Additionally, the Lambdas provide a network of students, professors, and alumni who share the common lived experiences and can serve as wonderful friends and resources.