Event Recap: Chicago’s Gang Database and Deportation

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This year the National Lawyers Guild’s 2nd annual event on mass incarceration focused on the intersection of mass incarceration with immigration. The panel discussion looked specifically at the targeting of immigrants for deportation using the Chicago Gang Database, officially known as the “Strategic Subject List.”

NLG Secretary Rosie O’Malley moderated the panel discussion with these speakers:

  • Irene Romulo from Organized Communities Against Deportation
  • Sheila Bedi from the MacArthur Justice Center
  • Claudia Valenzuela from the National Immigrant Justice Center

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It Has Arrived: The NLG Convention is THIS Week!

So excited for the NLG Convention this week! It’s rare that all of the NLG chapters assemble in Chicago, so try to stop by at some point if you can.  And law student registration for all 5 days is only $75 (that’s only $15 per day)! Here’s a sampling of just of the great workshops being offered next weekend:

– Fighting for Chicago: Combatting economic restructuring, gentrification, and other policies that seek to exclude people of color and poor people from their city

– Guilty Until Proven Innocent: How Federal Law Enforcement Circumvents Constitutional Rights for the Muslim Community

– First Defense for All: Ending the False Confession Epidemic

– Stopping the School-to-Prison Pipeline: Using Restorative Justice to Stop the Criminalization of Black and Latino Youth in
Chicago Public Schools

– Deportation is Death: Issues Facing Queer/Trans Immigrants

And much much more! Check out the full schedule here: http://www.nlg.org/sites/default/files/Annotated%20Agenda%20for%20print.pdf

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