Adam Farag

Executive Board

I joined SBA after my 1L Campaign

My B.S. Degree’s from Urbana, Champaign

When College was over, I knew not what to do

I tried writing music, a skill that I knew

I worked as a salesmen, I worked as a clerk

I worked in a mall, but that wasn’t much work

I gained forty pounds, then lost 40 pounds

I did it for money, as weird as that sounds

I’ll tell you about it, you just got to ask

I’m very outgoing, talking’s not a task

In all of my journeys and time that I spent

I’ve found that my interests could be served at Kent

Previous Roles:

  • 2014-2015
    • 1L Day Representative
    • SBA Committees:
      • Marketing
      • Philanthropy
      • Talent Show