Student Notes Accepted for Publication!

Congratulations to all student authors of notes and comments accepted for publication in upcoming Law Review publications!

It is Not Too Late for the Health Savings Account
Jessica Bejerea

Food Allergies in Public Schools: Toward a Model Code
Michael Borella

Parental Triumph: How and Why Frazier v. Winn Got it Right
Jocelyn Floyd

Separating Church and State:
Transfers of Government Land As Cures for Establishment Clause Violations

Paul Forster

Discrimination Outside the Office:
Where to Draw the Walls of the Workplace for Purposes of a “Hostile Work Environment” under Title VII

Doug Garmager

Human Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation at World Sporting Events
Victoria Hayes

Free Speech and Tainted Justice:
Restoring the Public’s Confidence in the Judiciary in the Wake of
Republican Party of Minnesota v. White
Greg Jones

Securing Global Trademark Exceptions:
Why the United States Should Negotiate Mandatory Exceptions Into Future International Bilateral Agreements

Brian Kaunelis

Freedom from Compulsion
Tess Slattery

Don’t Bet on It: Casinos’ Contractual Duty to Stop Compulsive Gamblers from Gambling
Irina Slavina

“Willful Patent Filing”: A Criminal Procedure Protecting Traditional Knowledge
Vincent Smolczynski

Closing the Gap Legislatively: Consequences of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act
Carolyn Sorock

No Tax for “Phantom Income”:
How Congress Failed to Encourage Responsible Housing Consumption with its Recent Tax Legislation

Rue Toland

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