2012 Summer Candidacy Program Informational Session and FAQs

As noted in the Record, we will be holding an open informational session about the summer program on Monday, July 2, from 8:30-9:30 pm in room C20.  This session is entirely optional–all necessary information to participate in the program can be found in the official instructions and materials documents.  However, this session will be a good opportunity to ask questions and gain some perspective from a few of us who went through the process last year.  Below is a set of frequently asked questions; feel free to email me if you cannot make the informational session and don’t see your question below.


Daniel Hantman

Executive Notes and Comments Editor



In advance of our open informational session, here are some FAQs about the Chicago-Kent Law Review Summer Candidacy Program.


Question:  Will a fixed number of candidates be invited to join Law Review through the Summer Candidacy Program?

Answer: No.  The Law Review does not have a formal limit on the number of candidates it invites.  The Chicago-Kent Law Review will invite all candidates whose submissions meet the Law Review’s standards.  In previous years, the Law Review invited a significant number of participants to join based on their performance in the Summer Candidacy Program.

Question:  Does the Summer Candidacy Program require extensive research?

Answer: No.  The Summer Candidacy Program utilizes a closed-research format, and outside research is not permitted. Each candidate’s analysis is confined to the sources in the 2012 Summer Candidacy Program Packet.  The Program Packet will be accessible on the Chicago-Kent Law Review website on July 11, 2012.

Question: How are Summer Candidacy Program submissions evaluated?

Answer: The Chicago-Kent Law Review Executive Board judges papers on their merits based on analytical ability, writing ability and style, ability to develop endnotes, proper citation form, and appropriate use of sources. Additionally, all papers are submitted anonymously, so the Executive Board will not know the identities of any candidates.

Question: How many members of the current Chicago-Kent Law Review wrote on?

Answer: A substantial percentage of the Law Review’s current membership consists of students who successfully participated in the Summer Candidacy Program.  In fact, around half of last year’s staff wrote on to Law Review, and several Executive Board members were write-on candidates as well. The Chicago-Kent Law Review values the Summer Candidacy Program and is proud to accept qualified candidates based on their performance in the program.

Question: When will the 2012 Summer Candidacy Program run?

Answer:  As previously announced, the 2012 Summer Candidacy Program will run from July 11-25.  The instructions and materials will be posted on the Chicago-Kent Law Review website by 9 am July 11 and must be submitted electronically by 10 am on July 25.  There are no exceptions to this deadline.  Additional details will be contained in the instructions.

Question:  Whom should I contact with questions before and after the Summer Candidacy Program has begun?

Answer: If you have any questions before the Summer Candidacy Program begins, please contact Executive Notes and Comments Editor, Daniel Hantman at dan.hantman@gmail.com.  Once the program has begun, please contact only those people listed in the instructions document in order to preserve anonymity in grading all submissions.