2017 Law Review Write-On

Message from Chicago-Kent Law Review Executive Board:

Congratulations on completing the school year! This is a great accomplishment, and you should all be pleased with the progress you have made in your careers.

The Chicago-Kent Law Review would now like to formally invite you to participate in the Law Review’s Summer Candidacy Program, which is the process for “writing on” to the Chicago-Kent Law Review.

This year, the Summer Candidacy Program will run from June 21, 2017 to July 5, 2017. (See Section 1.12 of the Student Handbook for eligibility criteria to participate in the Summer Candidacy Program.)

First, we would like to explain a little bit about Law Review, our role on campus, and the benefits that Law Review can offer you.

The Chicago-Kent Law Review is one of our oldest and most prestigious student organizations. The Law Review compiles, writes, and edits articles spanning across all spectrums of the law, and our publications are shared throughout the nation and the world. Law Review members will read and edit articles submitted from top legal scholars throughout the world, attend symposiums on Law Review topics, and research and prepare their own articles for publication.

As a Law Review Member, students have a number of unique opportunities, including:
• Access to a wide-ranging Law Review alumni network
• Ability to attend a pre-OCI panel with Law Review alumni who are partners and associates at many top firms in Chicago
• Participation in academic symposia and lectures
• Opportunity to become a published author
• Numerous happy hours, dinners, and an end-of-year banquet

The Law Review will be holding an informational session on Thursday, June 15, 2017 at 5:30 PM in Room 270, where members will answer any questions you may have about the Law Review, the Summer Candidacy Program, or the Write On process. If anyone cannot attend the session, or has additional questions, please feel free to contact Executive Notes & Comments Editor Mike Zolfo at mzolfo@kentlaw.iit.edu or 630-818-0033.

Thank you,

The Chicago-Kent Law Review Executive Board,

Anthony Joseph, Editor-in-Chief
Colin Pochie, Managing Editor
Mike Zolfo, Executive Notes & Comments Editor