Congratulations Volume 95 Student Authors!

The following students’ Notes have been selected for publication in Volume 95 of the Chicago-Kent Law Review! These Notes represent student submissions across both publication tracks during the 2018–2019 academic year. Congratulations to the below members for their outstanding accomplishment!

On-Demand Drivers and the Right to Collective-Bargaining: Why Seattle’s Ordinance Does Not Violate Federal Antitrust Laws

Jacob Aleknavicius

A Discussion about Privacy in SEC Subpoena Practice after Carpenter v. United States

William Ballentine

Rethinking the Federal Courts: Why Now Is Time for Congress to Revisit the Number of Judges That Sit on Federal Appellate Court Panels

Mitchell Bild

Nuisance Most Fowl: The Problem with Chicago’s Permissive Livestock Ordinance and How to Fix It

Shelley Geiszler

Let’s Go to the Beach: Gender Segregation as a Tool to Accommodate Religious Minorities

Sarah Gibbons

Betting on the SAFETY Act: How Relying on This Relatively Unknown Statute in Recent Litigation May Be a Gamble

Alec Kraus

BIPA: What Does It Stand For?

Paige Smith

A Taxonomy of the Hardships Children of Immigrant Parents Face Following Parental Deportation and Recommendations to Protect the Children’s Rights

Heather Stirton

A Brave New World: Privacy Rights of Medical Cannabis Patients in the Workplace and the Cannabis Breathalyzer Unicorn

Benjamin West

Lay Down Your Substantial Burden: Developing a Coherent Factor-Based Analysis for RLUIPA’s Substantial Burden Provision

Andrew Willis