Vol. 91, Issue 3

Nonprofit Oversight Under Siege


Table of Contents (Full Listing of PDF Articles)

Dana Brakman Reiser, Brooklyn Law School
91 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 843 (2016).

Exile to Main Street: The I.R.S.’s Diminished Role in Overseeing Tax-Exempt Organizations
Evelyn Brody, IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law
Marcus Owens

91 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 859 (2016).

Politics, Disclosure, and State Law Solutions for 501(c)(4) Organizations
Linda Sugin, Fordham Law School
91 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 895 (2016).

Fragmented Oversight of Nonprofits in the United States: Does it Work? Can it Work?
Lloyd Hitoshi Mayer, Notre Dame Law School
91 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 937 (2016).

The Charity Commission for England and Wales: A Fine Example or Another Fine Mess?
Debra Morris
, School of Law and Social Justice, Liverpool
91 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 965 (2016)

European Non-profit Oversight: The Case for Regulating From the Outside In
Oonagh B. BreenSutherland School of Law
91 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 991 (2016).

Australia – Two Political Narratives and One Charity Regulator Caught in the Middle
Myles McGregor-LowndesQueensland University of Technology
91 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 1021 (2016).

Reforming the Regulation of Political Advocacy by Charities: From Charity Under Siege to Charity Under Rescue?
Adam Parachin, Western University
91 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 1047 (2016).

Does Work Law Have a Future if the Labor Market Does Not?
Noah D. Zatz, UCLA School of Law
91 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 1081 (2016).

Student Notes & Comments

3-D Bioprinting: Not Allowed or NOTA Allowed?
Robert JacobsonIIT Chicago-Kent College of Law
91 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 1117 (2016).

Don’t Call Me Crazy: A Survey of America’s Mental Health System
Justin L. Joffe, IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law
91 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 1145 (2016).

DNA Storage Banks: The Importance of Preserving DNA Evidence to Allow for Transparency and the Preservation of Justice
Cristina Martin, IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law
91 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 1172 (2016).