Vol. 86, Issue 1

Symposium on Energy Law

Published: December 2011

Symposium Editor
Fred Bosselman


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86 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 3

A Brief History of Energy Law in United States Law Schools: An Introduction to the Symposium
Fred Bosselman

86 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 9

The New Energy Geopolitics?: China, Renewable Energy, and the “Greentech Race”
Joel B. Eisen

86 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 59

Corporate Social Responsibility in the Oil and Gas Industry: The Importance of Reputational Risk
David B. Spence

86 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 87

Agriculture’s Fate Under Climate Change: Economic and Environmental Imperatives for Action
John N. Moore and Kale Van Bruggen

86 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 109

The Art of Subsidizing Fuel-Free Electricity Under the European Economic Area Agreement as Illustrated by Norway’s Reversion Instrument
Peter Ørebech

86 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 139

Smart-Grid: Technology and the Psychology of Environmental Behavior Change
Stephanie M. Stern

86 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 161

Privacy Implications of Smart Meters
Cheryl Dancey Balough

86 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 193

Of Nesting Dolls and Trojan Horses: A Survey of Legal and Policy Issues Attendant to Vehicle-to-Grid Battery Electric Vehicles
Bryan Lamble

86 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 235

Biotech Biofuels: How Patents May Save Biofuels and Create Empires
Adam Wolek

86 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 259

The Legal-Political Barriers to Ramping Up Hydro
Dan Tarlock

86 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 277

Mercurial But Not Swift—U.S. EPA’s Initiative to Regulate Coal Plant Mercury Emissions Changes Course Again as It Enters a Third Decade
Keith Harley

86 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 291

Green Diesel: Finding a Place for Algae Oil
Fred Bosselman


86 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 317

High-Income Child Support Guidelines: Harmonizing the Need for Limits with the Best Interests of the Child
Laura Raatjes

86 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 351

Defiling the Retaliation Doctrine: Kasten v. Saint-Gobain and the Anti-Retaliation Provision of the Fair Labor Standards Act
Madeline Engel

86 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 381

Twittering Away the Right of Publicity: Personality Rights and Celebrity Impersonation on Social Networking Websites
Andrew M. Jung

86 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 419

Dependent on the Jury: Anticipation and Obviousness of Dependent Patent Claims and Irreconcilable Jury Verdicts
Patrick Bickley