Why Law Review?

Member Benefits


The Chicago-Kent Law Review is published three times a year and typically includes multiple student-written Notes selected during the Staff Writing Program. Publication is a rare achievement, and represents a student’s exemplary devotion to scholarship. It also reflects qualities shared with the most celebrated judges, decorated litigators, and influential scholars.


The Law Review is one of the oldest and most respected student organizations at Chicago-Kent. Members have direct access to senior staff and faculty member guidance in writing their student articles. They also have access to an exclusive and extensive alumni network, along with several networking opportunities and résumé-builders. The Law Review also holds semi-annual socials and inter-student organization events for law students to connect with one another.


Members receive rigorous hands-on training in the Bluebook style guide not available in regular coursework. The realities of legal practice call for familiarity with Bluebook citation rules beyond just case citations—Law Review offers just that.


Members receive direct training from legal database representatives, law librarians, and Legal Writing professors. They also learn how to ferret out hard-to-get sources through the cite-checking process. The Law Review office offers its members several digital writing supplements as well as a curated legal research and writing library.


First-time Law Review members are entitled to one credit per semester, and are also welcome to take the Legal Writing IV Equivalency section.

Member Duties

The primary duties of all Junior Associates are twofold: (1) author a publication-worthy student Note through the Student Writing Program, and (2) proofread, edit, and cite-check all assigned articles. Junior Associates serve for a term of one academic year, after which they may apply for an Executive Board or Senior Staff position.