Vol. 86, Issue 2

Symposium on Comparative Jury Systems

Symposium Editor
Nancy S. Marder


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86 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 449

Foreword — Communication and Investigation in 2011: Can Our Jury System Cope?
Brian Barker

86 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 453

An Introduction to Comparative Jury Systems
Nancy S. Marder

86 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 467

Glass Cages in the Dock?: Presenting the Defendant to the Jury
David Tait

86 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 497

The Canadian Criminal Jury
Regina Schuller and Neil Vidmar

86 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 537

Two Weeks at Old Bailey: Jury Lessons from England
Nancy S. Marder

86 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 585

Jury Selection and Jury Trial in Spain: Between Theory and Practice
Mar Jimeno-Bulnes

86 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 613

Should Criminal Juries Give Reasons for Their Verdicts?: The Spanish Experience and the Implications of the European Court of Human Rights Decision in Taxquet v. Belgium
Stephen C. Thaman

86 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 669

Jury Trials for Violent Hate Crimes in Russia: Is Russian Justice Only for Ethnic Russians?
Nikolai Kovalev

86 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 737

The French Jury at the Crossroads
Valerie P. Hans and Claire M. Germain

86 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 769

Silent Lay Judges—Why Their Influence in the Community Falls Short of Expectations
Stefan Machura

86 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 789

Japan’s Quasi-Jury and Grand Jury Systems as Deliberative Agents of Social Change: De-Colonial Strategies and Deliberative Participatory Democracy
Hiroshi Fukurai

86 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 831

Metropolitan and Town Juries: The Influence of Social Context on Lay Participation
María Inés Bergoglio


86 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 857

“Mancession” or “Momcession”?: Good Providers, a Bad Economy, and Gender Discrimination
Joan C. Williams and Allison Tait


86 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 897

Artificial Insemination and the Presumption of Parenthood: Traditional Foundations and Modern Applications for Lesbian Mothers
William M. Lopez

86 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 925

When a Door Closes, a Window Opens: Using Preemption to Challenge State Medicaid Cutbacks
Martina Brendel

86 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 951

Heavy Metal Alloys: Unsigned Rock Bands and Joint Work
Michael S. Young

86 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 987

League Party: Bringing Back Unlicensed Competition in the Sports Fan Apparel Market,
David Franklin