Vol. 88, Issue 3

Symposium on Justice, Lawyering, and Legal Education in the Digital Age

Volume 88, Issue 3

Ronald W. Staudt & Marc Lauritsen


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Justice, Lawyering and Legal Education in the Digital Age: Introduction
Staudt, Ronald W. & Lauritsen, Marc

Access to Justice and Technology Clinics: A 4% Solution
Staudt, Ronald W. & Medeiros, Andrew P.

If Only We Knew What We Know
Johnson, Conrad & Donnelly, Brian

Thinking Like a Lawyer, Designing Like an Architect: Preparing Students for the 21st Century Practice
Rostain, Tanina; Skalbeck, Roger & Mulcahy, Kevin G.

Teaching of Law Practice Management and Technology in Law Schools: A New Paradigm
Granat, Richard S. & Kimbros, Stephanie

Teaching Law and Digital Age Legal Practice with an AI and Law Seminar
Ashley, Kevin D.

Developing an E-Curriculum: Reflections on the Future of Legal Education and on the Importance of Digital Expertise
Goodenough, Oliver R.

Law Schools as Knowledge Centers in the Digital Age
Walker, Vern R.; Durwin, A. J.; Hwang, Philip H. & Langlais, Keith

Gaming the System: Approaching 100% Access to Legal Services through Online Games
Hornsby, William E. Jr.

Liberty, Justice, and Legal Automata
Lauritsen, Marc


Technically Speaking, Does It Matter: An Empirical Study Linking the Federal Circuit Judges’ Technical Backgrounds to How They Analyze the Section 112 Enablement and Written Description Requirements
Barnes, Dunstan H.

Marriage Is between a Man and a Woman And: Latest Evolution of Marital Residence Regime in Contemporary China
Di, Yu

Educating the Underground: The Constitutionality of Non-Residence Based Immigrant in-State Tuition Laws
Rabanal, Alexander F. A.