Vol. 89, Issue 2

Symposium on Intragroup Dissent and Its Legal Implications

Professor Holning Lau


Table of Contents (Full Listing of PDF Articles)

Introduction to Symposium on Intragroup Dissent and Its Legal Implications
Professor Holning Lau
89 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 537 (2014)

How Lawyers Manage Intragroup Dissent
Scott L. Cummings
89 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 547 (2014)

Capital Defenders as Outside Lawyers
Kathryn A. Sabbeth
89 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 569 (2014)

Immutability and Innateness Arguments about Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Rights
Edward Stein
89 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 597 (2014)

Intragroup Discourse on Intragroup Protections in Muslim-Majority Countries
Asma T. Uddin
89 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 641 (2014)

The European Court of Human Rights and Intragroup Religious Diversity: A Critical Review
Lourdes Peroni
89 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 663 (2014)

The Art of Racial Dissent: African American Political Discourses in the Age of Obama
Kareem Crayton
89 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 689 (2014)

Dissenting In and Dissenting Out
Nancy Leong
89 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 723 (2014)

The Piper Lecture

Employers as Risks
Amy B. Monahan
89 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 751 (2014)

Student Notes & Comments

Participatory Democracy and the Entrepreneurial Government: Addressing process Efficiencies in the Creation of Land Use Development Agreements
Ramsin G. Canon
89 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 781 (2014)

Expanding the After-Acquired Evidence Defense to Include Post-Termination Misconduct
Holly G. Eubanks
89 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 823 (2014)

Rethinking Traditional Conceptions of Child Pornography: An Analysis of How the U.S. Supreme Court’s Decisions in Stevens Impacts the Illinois Supreme Court’s Decision in ”People v. Hollins”
James D. Konstantopoulos
89 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 849 (2014)

Hidden Home Videos: Surreptitious Video Surveillance in Divorce
Rebecca V. Lyon
89 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 877 (2014)