Vol. 89, Issue 3

The Making of a Legal Historian: Reassessing the Work of William E. Nelson

Felice Batlan and R. B. Bernstein


Table of Contents (Full Listing of PDF Articles)

Introduction: The Making of a Canonical Legal Historian
Felice Batlan and R. B. Bernstein
89 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 907 (2014)

Law for the Empire: The Common Law In Colonial America and the Problem of Legal Diversity
Lauren Benton & Kathryn Walker
89 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 937 (2014)

William E. Nelson’s The Roots of American Bureaucracy and the Resuscitation of the Early American State
Gautham Rao
89 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 997 (2014)

Semi-Wonderful Town, Semi-Wonderful State: Bill Nelson’s New York
Edward A. Purcell Jr.
89 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 1085 (2014)

A Response: The Impact of War on Justice in the History of American Law
William E. Nelson
89 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 1109 (2014)

Student Notes & Comments

The “Moral Hazards” of Title VII’s Religious Accomodation Doctrine
Stephen Gee
89 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 1131 (2014)

Assessing the Board of Immigration Appeals’ Social Visibility Doctrine in the Context of Human Trafficking
Kathleen M. Mallon
89 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 1169 (2014)

Abstention Doctrine and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
Michael J. Wood
89 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 1191 (2014)