Vol.90, Issue 1

Shari’a and Halakha in North America

Mark D. Rosen


Table of Contents (Full Listing of PDF Articles)

Symposium Introduction
Mark D. Rosen
90 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 1 (2015)

Roundtable Discussion: Opposition to Islamic and Jewish Religious Practices in Contemporary America: Overlap and Divergence, the Anti-Shari’a Movement in America
Wajahat Ali, Lee Ann Bambach, Emory University, and Samuel Freedman, Columbia University
90 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 63 (2015)

Installations of Jewish Law in Public Urban Space: An American Eruv Controversy
Charlotte Elisheva Fonrobert
90 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 13 (2015)

Operating Islamic Jurisprudence in Non-Muslim Jurisdictions: Traditional Islamic Precepts and Contemporary Controversies in the United States
Mustafa R.L. Baig
90 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 79 (2015)

Faith-Based Private Arbitration as a Model for Preserving Rights and Values in a Pluralistic Society
Michael J. Broyde, Emory Univeristy School of Law
90 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 111 (2015)

Between Law and Religion: Procedural Challenges to Religious Arbitration Awards
Michael A. Helfand
90 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 141 (2015)

Religious Law, Family Law and Arbitration: Shari’a and Halakha in America
Mohammad H. Fadel
90 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 163 (2015)

Student Notes & Comments

Oppress Me No More: Amending the Illinois LLC Act to Provide Additional Remedies for Oppressed Minority Members
Paul T. Geske
90 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 185 (2015)

The Need to Criminalize Revenge Porn: How a Law Protecting Victims Can Avoid Running Afoul of the First Amendment
Adrienne N. Kitchen
90 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 247 (2015)