About Us

Welcome to the Chicago-Kent College of Law’s Environmental Law Society!

The Environmental Law Society (“ELS”) is a student organization focused on enhancing our school’s profile as one of the nation’s top-rated environmental law schools. We do this by:

  • Heightening awareness of environmental law and its connection with other bodies of law and disciplines;
  • Promoting sustainability within our law school;
  • Raising student eco-consciousness and encouraging personal sustainability throughout the student body;
  • Supporting students financially in their quest to serve the environment; and
  • Contributing to the enhancement of the environmental law curriculum.

Among our greatest accomplishments, ELS is proud to be able to award students who pursue a low-paying or unpaid environmental advocacy position with a summer fellowship. ELS sponsors speaker events, volunteer outings, social events and seeks to continually improve the sustainability of Chicago-Kent’s campus.

No matter the issue, our mission remains the same:  to strengthen the capacity of our members to make real contributions to the field of environmental law — and to the environment itself — in the local, national and international communities. Whether you are seeking a job for after graduation or support getting through your first semester of law school, ELS can provide resources for you.

Use our contact page if you have questions, or send email to els@kentlaw.iit.edu. Follow us on Instagram to learn more about what is happening with ELS!