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Christian Sanchez (headshot)

Christian Sanchez



Class of: 2022

Dealing with the learning curve of law school, having to create a network from scratch, and other such difficulties are issues Christian experienced as a first-generation law student. By being outgoing, and being open to learn from everyone he met in the legal community, Christian was able to develop a legal mentor network that helped him navigate the law school process. Feeling grateful for his mentors, and wishing to pay forward the opportunities he had, he founded the First-Generation Law Student Association of Chicago-Kent (First-Gen). 

Christian attributes his personal success to three things: His family, for being the reason he seeks to do well in life. His hustle, that reminded him that “Big Dreams Require Big Work”, the self-made mentality that ultimately kept him awake until 2am reading and briefing cases. And his positive mentality, which allowed him to realize that he could accomplish whatever he set his mind and efforts towards.

 “Being the first in your family to attend law school is not bound by ethnicity, gender, or religion. It brings together many different people, with their own unique abilities. With this common ground, and each individual’s strengths, we can build a foundation for ourselves to rise together, rather than falling alone.”