1. General Provisions.
    1. Name. The name of this student organization shall be the Chicago-Kent College of Law Immigration Law Society (ILS).
    2. Purpose. The purpose of ILS shall be to provide its members with a common forum for addressing immigration law issues and interacting with established attorneys, officials, and experts in the field. Furthermore, ILS aims to promote multiculturalism, enable its members to develop a global outlook, and provide an enriched understanding of contemporary immigration practice.
    3. Objectives. ILS shall set objectives that are designed to help fulfill its purpose. Objectives shall be drafted by a standing committee prior to election of the new board and read to the general body. The objectives of ILS shall be:
      1. To promote an interdisciplinary, approach to immigration law issues.
      2. To provide members with opportunities to interact with immigration law experts and practitioners.
      3. To foster community engagement and public service opportunities.
      4. To increase member participation in discussion and dialogue about potential approaches to immigration law and policy.
      5. To enable members to develop a global outlook on immigration and to promote multiculturalism.
      6. To facilitate and improve employment and training opportunities in both private and public sector for ILS members.
      7. To advocate for more immigration-related courses and seminars into the Chicago-Kent College of Law curriculum.
      8. To encourage students from diverse backgrounds to participate in ILS.
    4. Membership.
      1. Membership in ILS shall be Chicago-Kent College of Law students who are committed to the purpose and objectives of ILS, as stated in §§1.2 and 1.3, and belong to the ILS email list serve.
      2. ILS members are not required to pay dues.
    5. Nondiscrimination. In compliance with the policy of Chicago-Kent College of Law, ILS does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, handicap, age, or marital status. This nondiscrimination policy covers membership selection, activities, policies, and practices of the Society.
  2. Organizational Structure.
    1. Executive Board.
      1. The Officers of the Executive Board must at all times be members in good standing.
      2. The Executive Board will include one President and one Treasurer.
      3. The same person shall not occupy the role of the President and Treasurer concurrently.
    2. Meetings.
      1. ILS Meetings shall be held at a regular time to be determined by the Executive Board. Emergency meetings may be called by the President, or in their absence, by the Vice-President.
      2. At least 3 ILS Executive Board members must be present at every general meeting.
      3. General meetings shall be open to all persons.
      4. The ILS Secretary shall take minutes for all ILS meetings, general or executive. General minutes shall be emailed out to all members by the following meeting.
    3. Finances.
      1. The ILS Treasurer shall keep ILS finances up-to-date in an accounting document and file all receipts in a designated folder. The Treasurer shall be responsible for all check reimbursements and the like.
      2. Pursuant to Chicago-Kent College of Law policy, ILS shall make its financial records available to authorized Chicago-Kent officials upon request.
    4. Elections.
      1. ILS will hold a popular vote election, open to all ILS members, for the positions of President and Treasurer.
      2. Each ILS member shall have one vote. Proxy voting is not permitted.
      3. Challenges to an election may be submitted anonymously to the Student Bar Association. The Executive Board shall address and resolve challenges within a reasonable time in the event of a challenge.
  3. SBA Bylaws. The Immigration Law Society adopts the Student Bar Association bylaws.
  4. Amendments to Bylaws. Bylaws may be amended through a two-thirds majority of those present at the bylaws ratification meeting.

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