Q: How often will the Intellectual Property courses be offered?

A: As a general rule:

  • Patent Law is taught both day and evening in the Fall only.
  • Between Copyrights and Trademarks, one will be taught in the fall only (both day and evening) and then the other will be taught during the day in the Fall and evenings in the Spring.
  • Patent Office Practice is taught during the Spring.
  • Trade Secrets is typically taught during the Spring.
  • Joint Intellectual Property Legal Drafting is typically taught in the Fall.
  • International Intellectual Property is typically taught in the Spring.
  • Intellectual Property Litigation is typically taught in the Fall.
  • Intellectual Property Trial Advocacy is typically taught in the Spring on Saturdays.

Q: If I serve as a Research Assistant to a professor and receive credit, does this credit count toward the Intellectual Property Certificate Program?

A: Credit received for being a Research Assistant will only qualify for Intellectual Property Certificate requirements if the professor certifies that the work was entirely Intellectual Property Research.

Q: Will Intellectual Property courses that I take at other schools satisfy the requirements for the certificate program?

A: Those courses will only qualify for the Intellectual Property Certificate Program, subject to approval by the Program Director, if you receive a grade in that course and that grade will appear on your Chicago-Kent transcript.

Q: Do I need a technical background to participate in the Intellectual Property Certificate Program?

A: No. You must have a technical background in order to prosecute patent applications before the Patent and Trademark Office. In fact, you must sit for a separate bar exam, the Patent Bar, in order to practice before the Patent and Trademark Office. Only those with a technical background are eligible to take this Bar exam. However, you do not need a technical background to practice Trademark Law, Copyright Law, or Patent Litigation.

Q: May I take Intellectual Property courses pass/fail?

A: A student may not make the pass/fail election for any course which will be used to fulfill the requirements for the certificate. However, Moot Court credit and research assistant credit, which can only be given pass/fail, will qualify for the certificate program.

Q: When can I take the Patent Bar Exam?

A: You can take the exam at any time provided you qualify.  Many students in fact take the exam in their final year of study.  To qualify to take the patent bar exam, you need good moral character and legal, scientific, and technical qualification.  To meet the technical requirement, one needs a bachelors degree, or equivalent training, in one of the several recognized technical subject matter.  Go to the PTO Office of Enrollment and Discipline for exam dates and admission requirements.