Recap: Walk in Our Shoes

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MLSA Diversity Week 2018 FlyerOn February 27, for Diversity Week 2018, our leaders shared their stories about how their faith has motivated them to join the legal field. They also addressed the types of discussions and questions they encounter about their religious practices and beliefs.

Shahina Khan, MLSA President 2017-2018, moderated the panel.


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Recap: Ask Muslims Anything

This recap is cross-posted from the CK-Now blog

We hosted an “Ask Muslims Anything” event on February 28 for our Diversity Week 2017, giving students a chance to submit questions about Islam or Muslims anonymously.

These questions covered a range of topics from historical Islam to understanding religious practices and challenges Muslims face in the United States due to common misconceptions or outright discrimination.

The panelists represented a range of different personal and religious backgrounds and offered contrasting perspectives throughout the discussion.

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