Phi Alpha Delta, the world’s largest professional legal fraternity serving the student, the law school and the profession, is dedicated to the ideals of community service. Its goal is to form a strong bond uniting students and teachers of the law with members of the bench and bar. The international organization offers professional programs, student loans, job preparation, job placement assistance, insurance programs, a quarterly publication, conventions, conferences and awards. PAD is open to all students interested in developing their leadership and speaking abilities and desiring to excel in the legal profession.

We offer our members many advantages and great benefits while a student here at Chicago-Kent and beyond graduation:

  • Access to our extensive database of course outlines
  • Opportunities for Career Development, including a resume review and mock interview sessions conducted by practicing attorneys.
  • Opportunities for Community Service, such as trips to a local Chicago high school to present legal related education allowing the high school students an opportunity to learn about a case, present it, and advocate for or against it.
  • Opportunities for Networking, including meeting other law students here at Kent, other law students in the Chicago-land area, practicing attorneys in the Chicago-land area, and Phi Alpha Delta alumni across the nation.

DUES: All of this and much, much more for a ONE TIME ONLY fee of $105 ($85 international dues and $20 Kent dues), which gives you membership for life!  International dues may be paid by credit card on the application, but Kent dues must be paid by cash or check.