SBA Newsletter-August 26, 2019


Welcome to (and back to) Chicago-Kent!

From Faculty:

Dean Krug is hosting an open meeting for 1Ls on Tuesday, September 3 at noon in Room 580. Lunch will be provided!

Returning students and upper-level students are invited to meet Dean Krug on Wednesday, September 4 at 3 pm in Room 580. Refreshments will be provided!

This is a great way to get to know Dean Krug with your classmates.

For Student Leaders:

Leadership Seminars are Tuesday, September 3rd and Friday, September 6th from 12pm-1pm. They are mandatory for all organization presidents and treasurers. Location: Room 165 (past the auditorium and through the grey doors).

*Student leaders: You will need to update the SBA Calendar for planned events to avoid conflicts. Events must be posted to the SBA Calendar in advance (Thursdays) to be added to this newsletter.

Student Events:

Student Organization Fair is Tuesday, September 10th from 12pm-2pm for the Day Division and 4pm-6pm for the Evening Division.

Social Events:

Back to School Bash

Questions or comments, please contact: Bridget Murphy and Sofia Valdivia

Upcoming Career Services Events:

Opportunities at the Department of Justice (DOJ)

  • Wednesday, August 28
  • 3:00 pm-4:00 pm Room 590

Equal Justice Works Conference & Career Fair Information Session

  • Wednesday, September 4
  • 3:00 pm-4:00 pm Room 583

From SBA Leaders:

“What I Wish I Would Have Known”

Below is a list containing advice the SBA leaders wish they had known when they began school.

Building Info

  1. There are student fridges on the third floor outside of the cafeteria. Walk through the SPAK, turn left and make an immediate right.
  2. There are also microwaves and vending machines on the 2nd and 3rd floor.
  3. The cafeteria is not open on the weekends—remember to bring your own utensils.
  4. There is free hot water in the SPAK, outside the cafeteria, next to the ketchup.
  5. The library closes at 5pm on Saturdays. This is secretly a blessing.
  6. You can reserve classrooms throughout the school on the Room Reservation Form. They can be reserved for student groups, or study rooms for a large group. You can also reserve rooms in the library at the front desk or the library.

General Advice

1. A 15-minute nap on a library table will be your best friend in the next few months. Tell one of your friends to throw something at you after 15 minutes.

2. All Chicago schools tend to start at the same time—so if you’re travelling to school during rush hour, plan extra time.

3. Almost everyone in law school is a good student and has probably been at the top of their class their entire lives. Work hard.

4. Always say goodnight to the security guards; they appreciate it.

5. Become friends with Oscar as soon as possible. You’ll thank me later.

6. Bring post-it tabs with you to finals. Some finals will have a read period where you cannot begin typing for a set period of time, usually 30 minutes. Color coded tabs allows you to place a tab on a spotted issue and then place the corresponding color tab on your outline where the relevant rule is.

7. Chipotle’s line at noon is ridiculous.

8. DO NOT TURN IN YOUR EXAM EARLY DURING FINALS. Only in the most exceptional cases is that beneficial. Very few professors take points off. The professor will tally up points on a grade sheet. It is to your benefit to write down as much as possible because you may end up grabbing an extra point by triggering something on his/her grade sheet.

9. Don’t assume the “gunner” will get the best grade in the class. Ever section has a “dark horse.” Find the dark horse. Befriend the dark horse.

10. Don’t get stressed when you hear about your peers securing a summer position early. Everyone we know had either a legal job, an externship, a clinic position, or a research position in the summer. You will find work this summer.

11. Get involved! You DO have a lot on your plate, but you never know what connections will get you a job later on. You normally find one when you least expect it and the best way to do that is by knowing a lot of people.

12. Grading for Legal Writing is very subjective to the writing style your professor teaches you. Legal Writing professors are or were practicing attorneys who have developed a specific style over the course of decades. They believe their way is the correct way. You will develop your own style over time but, for now, adopt the one they teach you.

13. Help each other. Yes, there is a curve and you are graded somewhat based on others’ performances. However, in the real world, your networking and contacts will pay off. Do not mess up your professional relationships by being too competitive on a test that will probably matter very little later on.

14. If you do not do well on your midterms or first semester finals, inquire about joining ASP. However, consider applying now before the deadline closes or else the Dean will have to make an exception.

15. If you are absolutely overwhelmed, do not be afraid to express that to your friends. Everyone is in the same boat and 1L year can feel very isolating if you do not hear from your peers that they feel the same stress.

16. If you’re new to Chicago, make sure you go to the beach as much as possible without interfering with your studying. Winter is coming.

17. It is a small building and you will likely have classes with many of the same people for all three years. Keep this is mind when contemplating dating a fellow Chicago-Kent student.

18. Law school in the city tends to be more professional than college and you never know who you will meet. Try not to wear your sweats to class, although everyone will be guilty of this at some time. As an alternative, keep a business casual outfit on standby in your locker.

19. Looking stupid happens to everyone—breathe, it will be okay.

20. Cold calling is scary and saying something you perceive as dumb in front of the class can be traumatic. But it likely won’t affect your grade. Besides, employers are not going to care about what you said in 1L Torts or how you sounded.

21. Older students are usually more than willing to help you. Use them as your resources.

22. Outline early and often.

23. Take one day/night a week and do whatever you want to do and make sure you never let yourself get too caught up in school lest you lose your mind.

24. You cannot do everything. Your non-law school friends WILL get sick of hearing about law school, so set aside some weekend time to keep in touch. However, you have to prioritize. You probably will not be able to party that much and, if you do, make sure it is with the really important people that you want to keep in your life.

25. You do have to read all your emails. If you do not, you WILL miss something important and you WILL look stupid.

26. Read The Record. If you do not, you will show up to school one day and all your classmates will be in suits and you will have no idea why.

27. Your tuition pays for the food and alcohol at networking events. Go to these events so you can at least eat the food you paid for. You might even do some networking on the side.

*Remember 1L year is full of setbacks, let downs, and missteps; however, these setbacks do not close the door on achieving your goals. Just keep at it, work hard, and learn from your mistakes.

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