Sports and Entertainment Law Society

at the Chicago-Kent College of Law



Section 1. Mission. SELS seeks to provide opportunities for students to learn about the sports and entertainment law fields. SELS shall accomplish this mission by hosting informational panels and social events, maintaining a website of relevant and helpful information regarding sports and entertainment topics, and generally fostering students’ passion for and interest in sports and entertainment law.



Section 1. Eligibility. Membership shall be open to all J.D. and L.L.M. students at the Chicago-Kent College of Law. 

Section 2. Joining Procedure. A student is considered a member when they request to join the SELS list-serve. A student can make such a request by either (1) adding their name to a spreadsheet provided at the Chicago-Kent student organization fair, (2) adding their name to a spreadsheet provided at a SELS-sponsored event, or (3) submitting an email or verbal request to an SELS executive board member.


Executive Board and Elections 

Section 1. Executive Board. The elected executive board members of this organization shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Media Coordinator, Sports Representative, Entertainment Representative and Alumni Relations Chair.

Section 1(a). 1L Section Representatives. The elected executive board members shall appoint up to Four First-Year law students, corresponding to the Four First-Year student sections. Upon appointment, the 1L Section Representatives shall be considered full, acting executive board members.

Section 2. Additional Board Members. SELS may appoint other board members at the discretion of the full executive board pursuant to Article IV. The President shall propose the appointed board member or members and put them to a unanimous vote by the elected members of the executive board.

Section 3. Qualifications for Office. Any current SELS member is eligible to hold a position on the Executive Board, other than President or Vice President. In order to serve as President or Vice President, a candidate must have served on the executive board prior to their candidacy for President or Vice President.

Section 4. Elections. The executive board members shall be elected annually through an application process. The outgoing President or Vice President shall send an email to the membership announcing open positions for the next year. Members seeking those offices will submit statements. The outgoing President or Vice President will send the candidate statements to the general membership and any others from the student population who request a ballot.  Voting will remain open for at least three days. 

Section 4(a). Term of Office. The term of office for board members is one year.

Section 4(b). Board Member Responsibilities. All Executive Board Members are required to attend at least three SELS social, professional, or fundraising event per semester. In the event that an Executive Board Member does not meet these minimum requirements, the Executive Board can choose to remove said member by a vote.

Section 5. Vacancy in Office. Should the office of President become vacant, the Vice-President shall automatically become President. Other vacancies may be filled at the discretion of a majority decision of the Board members pursuant to Article IV, however filling the position shall not be a mandatory obligation of the Board.


Decisions; Voting 

Section 1. Major Decisions.  A vote greater than or equal to 3/4 (75%) by the Board shall be required for the following decisions: spending more than $250 on a particular event, dissolution of the organization, removal of a Board member, and amending these Bylaws.  

Section 2. Operational Decisions.  A simple majority vote (51%) will be required for all other decisions not explicitly referenced in Article IV Section 1.  

Section 3. Deadlock. In the event that a vote results in a deadlock, the decision will be passed down to the members for an organizational vote.  The final vote by the organization members will be final and binding.



Section 1. Proposed amendments to these bylaws shall be submitted in writing to the Executive Board. The Board will vote to either approve or deny the proposal pursuant to Article IV Section 1.