How can I become involved?

Easy! Join our mailing list for upcoming meetings and events, become a 1L Representative, attend our events, and apply to come on the trip!

How do I sign-up?

The New Orleans trip is limited to approximately 20 people. These spots will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, based on participation in SHN events and a $25 deposit.

Once the trip is filled, anyone else who wants to attend will be put on a waiting list. If anyone drops from the trip, we will notify the next person on the waiting list.

How much does it cost to attend one of the trips?

Thanks to our fundraising efforts and the support of the Chicago-Kent Student Bar Association, we can keep these trips at a reasonable cost. We provide housing and an opportunity to carpool to New Orleans from Chicago to all students who go on the trips.

Each student is responsible for paying for his or her own food, drinks, and other personal expenses. In addition, each student chips in money to help cover gas for our rental cars (which we expect to be $30-$50 per person).

What do we do while we’re in New Orleans?

Each member is assigned to a different project. According to your interest you will either be working for a legal aid service or the public defenders office. You will volunteer for 40 hours during our week stay. These volunteer environments provide you with the chance to do legal research, work closely with attorneys, and some volunteers are also able to go to court.

What do we do while we’re in New Orleans?

Hotel in/near the French Quarter.