8/31/22 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

  1. Guest Announcements/ Introductions
    1. Stella Nguepnang, Midwest Sub-Regional Director 3
      1. Stella serves as the Midwest Sub-Regional Director 3 overseeing law schools in Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota. She serves as a liaison between the region and the board, promotes participation among leaders, and creates programming opportunities within the region. Contact information: mwblsa.subregion3@nblsa.org
      2. Stella is currently organizing a legal jeopardy event for schools to participate in. The event will be held on Sunday – September 25, 2022 at 12:30pm. More details will follow.
    2. Raff Donelson, Faculty Introduction
      1. Professor Donelson recently began teaching at Chicago-Kent. He currently teaches courses in criminal law, criminal procedure, constitutional law, and legal theory. He is open for students to use him as a resource in any form, even if they are not currently taking his courses. For more information on Professor Donelson visit here.
    3. Yvette Edwards, Themis Director
      1. Eric Kang is generally our Director who will provide information and engage with our students at a later date.
      2. There are many resources and supplement available for student use.
      3. Themis practices a methodology that contains digestible chapters (10-12 minutes) that allow students to digest information that is student centered. Themis also offers hands-on resources including individualized unlimited essay grading, multiple choice questions. There are 2L promos, a public interest rate, and early registration and deposit deadlines that secure discounted rates for bar prep. 3L’s can receive access to bar prep resources beginning in March. If students begin studying in May, there will be two modes students can work in that makes sense for their schedule. Students can become a Themis Rep and earn a free bar prep course. You can reach out to Aleathea at awilliams24@kentlaw.iit.edu or Eric Kang at eric.kang@themisbar.com for more information.
      4. Yvette recommends that students utilize MPRE materials from different companies to determine what works best for them. You can find more information on Themis here.
  2. Updates from Officers 
    1. President 
      1. Membership
        1. Interested in being considered an active member? National dues are required. Being a dues-paid member provides you with access to our outline bank, the opportunity to attend regional and national conferences and events at a discounted rate, the option to participate in standing committees, and the ability to vote in elections and hold a leadership position within BLSA. This year we will also be providing dues paid members with BLSA shirts. We are currently in the design stage. For more information on membership visit here.
      2. 1L Representatives
        1. Our executive board is actively recruiting candidates to serve as section representatives (A, B, C, and Evening) for the 2022-2023 school year. The primary role of our 1L Representatives is to serve as a bridge between your respective section and the BLSA executive board. In addition, you will work closely with our Publicity Chair to publicize our programs and events. 

If interested, send the following information to blsa@kentlaw.iit.edu: Candidate Statement (at or around 250 words), Professional Photo, Proof of Dues-Paid Membership, and Resume. The deadline for submission is Friday, September 9th, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. CDT.

  1. Events
    1. Welcome Back Event, 9/2
      1. We have our first event of the year coming up this Friday. We will be having a mixer at Emporium Arcade Bar in Logan Square. Limited food, drinks, and game tokens will be provided.
    2. Joint BLSA Bonfire on Friday, 10/1
      1. Last year we partnered with other Chicago area law schools to connect our students in a social setting. This year we will be hosting the bonfire again with UIC, DePaul, University of Chicago, Northwestern, and Loyola.
    3. Midwest Black Law Students Association – Academic & Leadership Retreat
      1. President will be attending the retreat in her capacity on the Midwest Regional Board. We currently do not have funding to send exec members. Priority will go towards regional and national conferences. Select sessions will be virtual. For more information visit here.
    4. Financial Report 
      1. SBA Account: $250.00
      2. Non-SBA Account: $3,821.50
      3. Total: $4,071.50
      4. These numbers are subject to change after reimbursements from our Welcome Back Event and tabling at the Student Organization Fair.
    5. Staying Connected
      1. Stay connected to us through our email list where you will receive our weekly newsletter. Our newsletter includes events, scholarships, jobs, academic resources, and chapter announcements. You can also stay connected to us through GroupMe and social media.
    6. Academic Update
      1. We are coordinating a recurring study space for us to come together a couple times a semester. We are also soliciting new outlines from those who received a B+ through A in classes. These outlines will be provided anonymously and can be sent to us at blsa@kentlaw.iit.edu
  2. Mentor/Mentee Program
    1. 1L’s interested in upper class mentorship can sign up here.
  3. Out of Darkness Walk on Saturday, 9/17
    1. Join BLSA for the Out of the Darkness Suicide Awareness Walk Saturday, September 17th , 2022 at Montrose Harbor. We participate to promote suicide prevention in honor of the late Nick Johnson from the Class of 2021. 

You can sign up to join or donate to our team here. Please note that donations can only be made to individual team members, but the donations go towards our overall team goal. If you have any questions, please email Margaret Harrold at mharrold@kentlaw.iit.edu

  1. Old Business 
    1. Bylaws Review
      1. In an effort to ensure our organization is fully operational, BLSA launched a Bylaws Review Committee in 2021 to examine, edit, and make new recommendations for the entire general body to vote on in the near future. Take a look at the proposed bylaws. 
  2. Adjournment 

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