Our Jointly Organized Live Symposium/Conference “Medical Malpractice and Compensation in the Global Perspective” (12/3 & 12/4 in Vienna, Austria) is Fast Approaching

This conference, jointly organized by the Chicago-Kent Law Review and the Institute for European Tort Law, in collaboration with the European Centre of Tort and Insurance Law, will address liability for medical malpractice and compensation for medical injuries from 14 national and regional perspectives drawn from 6 continents.  It offers a truly global comparative analysis.

Contributors include: Kinga Baczyk-Rozwasowska, Poland; Pieter Carstens, South Africa; Loutjie Coetzee, South Africa; Eduardo Dantas, Brazil; Claudia DiMarzo, Italy; Colleen Flood, Canada; Richard Goldberg, UK; Florence G’Sell-Macrez, France; Mette Hartlez, Denmark; Geneviéve Helleringer, France; David Hyman, USA; Bernhard A. Koch, Austria; Rob Leflar, Japan; Ken Oliphant, Overview; Mårten Schultz, Sweden; Charles Silver, USA; Marc Stauch, Germany; Stephen Todd, New Zealand; Vibe Ulfbeck, Denmark; Zhu Wang, China (PRC); Richard Wright, Overview.