Announcing Volume 100 Student Authors

On behalf of the Executive Board, we are pleased to announce the student authors selected for publication in Volume 100 of the Chicago-Kent Law Review:

John Debbie, Dancing Around Bankruptcy: Using Texas Two-Steps to Efficiently Handle Mass Tort Liability

Brianna D., Innovate Responsibly: Post-Grant Mechanisms to Deter Unnecessarily Toxic Pharmaceutical Patents

Raymond Gaytan, Fruit of the Poisonous Utility Pole: Why Digital-Age Privacy Expectations Renders Warrantless Pole Camera Surveillance Unconstitutional

Julie Jacobs, Keeping Cruises at Bay: Whether Port Cities Violate the Dormant Commerce Clause and Federal Maritime Law

Stephanie Perez, Don’t Be a Drag, It’s Not Obscene: Examining the Use of the Word “Obscene” to Ban Drag Shows

Jonathan Potter, Uncle Sam, We’re Ready For Our Closeup: A Just Proposition to Resolving the Issue of Police Officers’ Failure to Activate Body-Worn Cameras

Breck Radulovic, A Modest Proposal: Is Covenant Marriage a Reasonable Accommodation for Religious Faith or State-Sponsored Theology?

Luke Winbery, The Big Picture: The Illinois Right of Publicity Act, Its Statute of Limitations, and Emotional Harm

Anna Ylitalo, Bad, Bad Medicine–When a State’s Healthcare Infrastructure Violates the Integration Mandate of the Americans with Disabilities Act

Many congratulations to these individuals for this fantastic achievement! Thank you very much for your scholarship and your hard work.