Symposia Proposal Call for Volume 96 (2020–2021)

The Chicago-Kent Law Review would like to announce publication opportunities for two issues in our upcoming 2020-21 volume 96! Our journal publishes entire issues pertaining to one legal subject or topic under a symposium format. For each issue, we typically collaborate with a symposium editor, who assembles a panel of contributing authors writing on the symposium topic. We are currently seeking symposium proposals for these publication opportunities.
Symposium proposals should generally include (1) a brief description of the topic and its relevance to current legal scholarship; and (2) tentative article titles/topics and short abstracts (approximately 100 words) from each of the contributing authors. We require at least six articles for proposal consideration, but we typically publish between six and ten authors per issue. The symposium editor may, but is not required to, contribute an article to the symposium.
The first issue will tentatively be published in December 2020, with an article submission date of August 14, 2020. The second issue will tentatively be published in April 2020, with a January 15, 2021, article submission deadline.
If you are seeking a law journal publication opportunity and are interested in organizing an issue as a symposium editor, please contact William Ballentine, Editor-in-Chief, at for more details.