About Us


The Chicago-Kent’s Hispanic Latinx Law Student Association (also known as HLLSA) was founded in 1987 by a group of Hispanic and Latinx students with the goal of advancing members of the Latinx and Hispanic community through the legal profession as well as offering support for Latinx and Hispanic students at Chicago-Kent. Now, we are one of the largest ethnic organizations at Chicago-Kent, continuing with our original goals as well as educating students on the issues that greatly affect the Hispanic/Latinx communities at large. We host many events and programs throughout the year, including:

  • Judge’s Night
  • Churro and Hot Chocolate Fundraisers
  • Diversity Week
  • Kisses for Christmas
  • Guest Speakers and Panels
  • Student Mentoring Programs
  • Example and Explanations Textbook Rental Program
  • HLLSA Dinners and Happy Hours
  • HLLSA Moot Court Team

We also have  strong connections and relationships with the Puerto Rican Bar Association of Illinois, The Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illinois, and other HLLSA/LLSA groups from other schools. These connections offer our members opportunities to network with other law students and attorneys in the Chicago-Land area that deeper fosters connections that help our members in the future.