SBA Newsletter-November 11



Get Your Thursday Ready!!

Student Humanitarian Network Wine and Paint Ticket Sales November 12 and 14!

SBA Blood Drive November 14!

Law Review Symposium November 14!

MLSA Bake Sale November 14!

HLSA Judge’s Night November 14!

Immigration Law Society Panel November 14!

For Students:

CK-Law Mindful Yoga

Tuesdays from 12-1 pm on the 7th floor. Bring your own mat!

If you are a 1L or 2L Yoga Instructor and interested in joining the incredible instructors-Meg and Akshita, please contact Bridget Murphy at bmurphy7


Student Events:


The Student Humanitarian Network is selling tickets to their Wine and Paint night event this week on Tuesday and Thursday! They are also currently accepting applications from students for their annual New Orleans trip.

Any questions please contact Marisa McGrenera at mmcgrenera

“Last year, I ventured to New Orleans by attending the Chicago-Kent Student Humanitarian Network’s annual trip. I learned first-hand about the day-to-day operations of Orleans Public Defender’s Office and the challenges that face the indigent population in NOLA. My experience in criminal law at the time was limited, but I was immediately put to work. There, I was treated as a team member, assigned to complete projects critical to on-going cases, and offered my alternative insights, with regard to strategy, culminated from my background in human resources and local government. Also, while in NOLA, I made lifelong friends with my fellow Kent cohort, soaked in the amazing culture and history of New Orleans, and even got to have a little fun on Bourbon Street. For all you who learn by doing, I highly recommend the New Orleans trip!”

-Nick Lisle, May 2021

Labor & Employment Law Certificate Student

shn with the subject line NOLA Application NO LATER than November 14 at 11:59pm.



The SBA is hosting the American Red Cross Blood Drive on Thursday, November 14 from 12pm-5pm in Morris Hall!

You can sign up here using the sponsor code: Kent Law

Any questions please contact Anna Feltham at anna.feltham26Ie1eShAFp0NxE4gui3vlzg-LG73EcEWR4x_Saa8Lj4zTiLi_3tfeb21NP_MxF1HrHKoM4pYHOnfPGNTzq8FJXSgzsV_8tlWnw2h5L52XOlZboD8kWZKJa7fg3oTPd8jxlxIDj-I

Chicago-Kent Law Review

The Chicago-Kent Law Review invites you to join us on

Thursday, November 14 for our 2019 Live Symposium, "Alt-Labor: The State of the Law of the New Labor Movement." As membership in traditional unions continues to decline, groups of non unionized workers organizing to advocate for their rights have become part of a growing trend in what’s being called the alt-labor movement.

The symposium will bring together a group of highly accomplished scholars who have been writing about nontraditional labor organizing and other ways to break and redistribute economic power to describe the current state of the law pertaining to "alt-labor," or what the volume will refer to as "alt-labor law." Professor César F. Rosado Marzán of Chicago-Kent College of Law and Michael Oswalt of Northern Illinois University College of Law organized the symposium.

The event is free to attend and lunch will be provided for all advance registrants. Click Here to register for the symposium.


MLSA is having a bake sale Thursday, November 14 from 12pm-5pm outside the Spak on the 3rd Floor!

Following the bake sale, MLSA is going to Port of Peri Peri located at 1419 W Taylor St, Chicago, IL 60607 to reward all our hard work from the bake sale and get to know both current students and some alumni.

It is a straight 157 bus ride down to Taylor Street. Everyone is welcome. A group of students will be leaving together from Kent at 6pm and will meet in the lobby. If you plan on coming please email MLSA.



The Hellenic Law Student Association is hosting a Judge’s Night

(A Night With the Black Robes) on Thursday, November 14 at 5:30 pm in Room 580.

Any questions please contact Tom Thanasouras at tthanasouras


The Immigration Law Society is hosting a Career Panel On Thursday November 14 in Morris Hall from 6-8 pm.

Food and Drinks will be provided!

Any questions please contact Tatiana Alonso at talonso


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