SBA Newsletter – Week of July 20, 2020


Message from the SBA President

To my fellow classmates, I know that this has been a summer full of many ups and downs. While it seems like the news is continuously packed with devastating stories, I am so happy to see that the federal government dropped its plans to remove international students who are taking online courses. Our international classmates are critical members of our Chicago-Kent family, as well as our overall legal community. The changes to this policy also hit home for me. I personally know the importance of the nation’s student visa program as it was the same program my mother and many of my family members were able to take part in, in order to further their education. That being said, I was delighted and touched to see so many student organizations speak out in support of our international classmates, and was grateful for IIT’s role in signing on to the amicus brief that challenged the legality of the administration’s policy. As we continue to monitor the virus and the school’s plans for the upcoming school year, I am relieved to see that our international classmates will be faced with one less worry. However, I know that there are still many challenges ahead. The SBA and I have enjoyed collaborating with so many of you this summer, as well as hearing and addressing your concerns. We will continue to fight for you and do all we can to help. All my best – Sofia

Chicago-Kent Equity Talks Series: The Impact of Systemic Racism on the Health and Well-Being of Communities of Color

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion and the Office of Continuing Legal Education invite you to join in the second event in the Chicago-Kent Equity Talks Series on Monday, July 27 from 4-6 pm. We will discuss health and healthcare inequities experienced by communities of color, particularly with respect to the impacts of COVID-19. Register here.

SBA Comment Box

SBA is dedicated to serving the needs of our student community; the pandemic further emphasizes the need for us to remain connected and offer student support. The SBA Comment Box provides students an anonymous means to share thoughts, suggestions, frustrations, areas of concern, feedback – anything they believe SBA should know. Although we are not physically present, we support you.

SBA Calendar

Last year many students and organizations experienced scheduling conflicts in booking their events – which made students feel like they were missing out when forced to choose between multiple events. SBA encourages students, student orgs, departments, and administration to share events with us on our master calendar to facilitate better planning, minimize conflicts, and promote communication.

If you have an event for the calendar, email us or invite our email (Check our Calendar for events listed in our weekly newsletter, shared by the Kent community, and for general dates regarding the 2020-2021 Academic Year.

Chicago-Kent Peer Advisors

Each year, entering students remark that much of their most informative and valuable information comes from other students. As someone who has been there, your advice can be critical to the success of our incoming class. Peer Advisors will be paired with one or two first-year students to provide one-on-one advice and guidance about adjusting to the law school experience.

Click here if you are interested in becoming an advisor.


Due to the pandemic, and the opportunity for distance learning, students have an option to opt-in to the U-Pass. Fall 2020 UPass Opt-In Form by Wednesday, August 12. If you are not interested in obtaining a UPass, you do not need to complete the form and will not be charged for a UPass.

Do You Need to Request Full Online Delivery for Fall 2020?

Online Planning Survey for Fall 2020: If you have circumstances from the Covid-19 pandemic which require you to enroll fully online for Fall, please complete this survey.

Questions or Concerns Related to Fall Delivery in the Pandemic?

Email fall2020

Scholarship Opportunities

The Diversity Scholarship Foundation offers a range of scholarship opportunities. The deadline to apply is September 14, 2020. Access the online application for complete information, or visit the DSF website at

From the Library
New & Improved: Managing your New York Times account

Current Chicago-Kent College of Law students, faculty, and staff can use these step-by-step instructions to create and/or to renew your free New York Times account. _e2OJcv0qkY6SzLw9WC6n-njiBtx3e4eCy0XISNFb2_Wkh-VmRUAtAAZh1mwbTGSVW2Rsi96nDIKPiejjqkt1V4Bd4SSqt0AZxW3U7DfG8wdzHg64e4OEUOy0vIP7KIkhVGexF2T


Find details about your Summer & 2020 Post-Grad access to Westlaw, Lexis, & Bloomberg in this library blog update.

The library provides free Procertas accounts to all students. This tool is designed by lawyers for lawyers and includes short training videos. You can follow the training with self-testing using their sample legal documents.

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