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October 2, 2023

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Upcoming Events/Deadlines

October 2: CSO 1L Workshop

October 3: DALSA General body meeting

October 4: REAA Study Hall

October 5: Org. 1L Academic Success Workshop

  • LURE General body meeting

  • Today for CK Event

  • Progressive Happy Hour

October 6: TTGS DnD night


SBA wants to encourage everyone to be aware of COVID as the winter months and holiday travel approaches. Washing your hands, masking when appropriate, and avoiding sharing food are easy ways to prevent spread. Check with healthcare professionals about further recommendations. Resources: How to Protect Yourself and Others | CDC

Academic and Bar Success:


Advancement Association:

The Advancement Department is looking for a few students to help out during our annual event "Today For CK!" on Thursday, October 5. Today for CK is a giving day that helps spread awareness and raise money for various programs around the school. We ask that you participate in at least a 2-hour shift, and you can choose the time you want to participate. We will be in the lobby from 9am-6pm. Here are a few ways students will be helping the advancement team on giving day:

  • Craft thank-you notes to donors in appreciation of their generosity.

  • Call alumni and remind them of giving day and the importance of their support.

  • Record a video message sharing the importance of giving to scholarships, student orgs, and faculty support that will be shared via social media.

Please sign up here if you would like to help!


ConneKtions @ Dinner is Back! ConneKtions @ Dinner is an opportunity for alumni and students to get together and learn more about one another. Additionally, it is a chance for students to learn about the day-to-day life of a lawyer and discuss other pressing questions about the law. From October 13-23, Chicago-Kent alumni will host a student or group of students for dinner at a day, time, and location predetermined. Students will select alumni based on their availability. You can register here

Chicago Blackhawks:

The Chicago Blackhawks are officially launching their Student Rush program for the upcoming season. College students will be eligible for special offers on select Chicago Blackhawks games all season long.

To kick off the program, they would love to extend an offer for complimentary tickets to students to the following games:

  • Tuesday, October 3, 2023 vs. Detroit Red Wings at 7:30 p.m.

  • Thursday, October 5, 2023 vs. Minnesota Wild at 7:30 p.m.

Students can unlock the offer for the complimentary tickets by entering their .edu email address.

C-K Law Group:


Illinois State Bar Association:

Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA) has free student memberships for up to 4 years.

A free membership has at least two significant benefits for students: first the ISBA emails daily or sometimes twice a day blurbs on every new case that has been decided in Illinois and significant cases decided nationally. Second, students can purchase ISBA materials at member prices which are significantly less than if they were not a member. Use the link above if you are interested in becoming a member!

IIT Student Government:


Dear Students and Organizations of Chicago-Kent,

Thank you for choosing to elect me to be your senator! If you have already taken legislation, then note that I think from an "agency" perspective. That is: your voice is my voice! If you have any issue, please feel free to reach out via email at chamiltonbuis or over text at (269)-501-2980.

For your convenience, I have chosen to also host office hours to meet and discuss larger university issues. These will be on Wednesdays, from 12:00-1:00 PM, in the lounge in the Second Floor cafeteria. Feel free to come to me to discuss issues, requests for funding, or to just discuss being a law student.

Thank you again for voting,

Your Senator-Elect: Corey Hamilton-Buis

Judicial Externship Program:

On Tuesday, October 3 at 12:00 in room 355, join Judicial Externship Program Director Jon Decatorsmith, along with current and past externship student participants to learn more about the program. Students in the program will talk about their experience and, along with Professor Decatorsmith, will answer questions. For more information about this program, please visit our webpage

Kaplan Institute:

Apply Your Knowledge in Law by Launching a Business!

Applications opened on August 23 for Kaplan Institute’s Startup Accelerator program! Every spring semester Kaplan Institute’s Startup Studio hosts ten teams, five of which are selected to pitch their business idea to a panel of experts and compete for a $50,000 prize pool during the Kaplan Pitch Tank. Interested in applying? They’ve designed a series of workshops to help prepare students for the application process. Click into each workshop below to learn more and register in advance:

Library Resources:


The library has put together research guides for all 1L and many upper level courses! The guides include links to West Academic Study aids, CALI lessons, past exams, secondary sources, and more.

Upper level courses:

1L courses:

Office of Continuing Legal & Professional Education:

As students of Chicago-Kent, you will receive complimentary registration. Enter the discount code: CKCLE1 at checkout.

Join us in-person for the Supreme Court IP Review (SCIPR)! A conference designed to provide intellectual property practitioners, jurists, legal academics and law students with a review of IP cases from the U.S. Supreme Court’s previous Term, a preview of cases on the docket for the upcoming Term, and a discussion of cert. petitions to watch.

Prominent lawyers and professors will share their analysis of the Supreme Court’s decisions in IP cases from the past term, including the high-profile cases Jack Daniel’s Properties, Inc. v. VIP Products LLC, and Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. v. Goldsmith.

Chicago-Kent Professor Graeme Dinwoodie will deliver the Keynote Address, “Reading Trademark Tea-Leaves at the Supreme Court.”

SCIPR will be held in the Ogilvie Auditorium on Friday, September 29, 2023.

Register Today!

Workplace Law Program:


Workplace law is one of the most dynamic fields in the legal profession right now, and there’s no better place to study it than Chicago-Kent. Learn more about the certificate program in Labor & Employment Law and hear from alumni working in a variety of labor and employment law jobs.



1L Workshop this week…



Mental Health Resources at Kent:

Mental Health Tip of the Week: Eat Well

We know that there is a direct link between our diet and our physical health, but did you know that there is also a link between our diet and our mental health? The gastrointestinal tract houses billions of bacteria that influence the production of chemical substances that constantly carry messages from the gut to the brain, including dopamine and serotonin. People refer to dopamine and serotonin as “the happy hormones” because in addition to their other functions, they play a role in regulating our moods and emotions. Eating nutritionally dense foods can positively influence the production of these chemicals. On the other hand, when production of these chemicals is negatively affected, your mood might experience the consequences. Maintaining a diet of nutrient-rich foods, can help you have fewer mood swings and an improved ability to focus. Consider adding the following types of food to your diet:

Whole foods (foods without preservatives, food colorings and other additives)

Fiber (fruits, vegetables, and nutrient-filled carbs like whole grains and beans)

Antioxidants (berries, leafy green vegetables, the spice turmeric, and foods with Omega-3 fatty acids, including salmon and black chia seeds)

Folate ( such as leafy greens, lentils and cantaloupes)

Vitamin D ( exposure to sunlight; mushrooms)

Magnesium (cacao nibs, almonds and cashews, spinach and other dark leafy greens, bananas and beans)

Fermented foods (sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, tempeh and the fermented drink kombucha)


Quiet Study in Library: As our community returns to in-person study and instruction at the Conviser Law Center, the Law Library, in conjunction with the Student Bar Association, wants to remind students that the Law Library is a quiet study space. Talking is discouraged in open seating areas where, if necessary, conversations should be brief and very quiet. For group study and discussion, the Law Library offers ten study rooms students can reserve at the Service Desk on the 9th floor.

Exit Escort Service: In the evening hours, a Public Safety officer is available to provide a walking escort for those with concerns about their personal safety. This service applies to any location within a two block radius of the Conviser Law Center, including Union Station and many adjacent parking locations. Please see the officer(s) on duty at the front desk, or call the Public Safety number, 312-906-5030. Please also see the below survey!

Student Organizations


We want to welcome to our new 1L and LLM Representatives!


  • All general assembly meeting dates can be found on the SBA Website under the ‘about us’ tab.

  • Find a complete list of organizations here:Student Organizations

This week, for bar review, we encourage students to attend the progressive happy hour at Haymarket Pub and Brewery with members from the National Lawyers Guild, Kent Justice Foundation, Racial Equity and Advocacy Alliance, Labor and Employment Law Society, Law and Political Economy Project, American Constitution Society, Disabilities Advocacy Law Student Association, and the Student Humanitarian Network.

If you would like to suggest a bar or happy hour for us to visit, please use the SBA suggestion box.

Fall Social


Join SBA in celebrating the semester at Replay! The first 200 tickets sold will be $35 – your ticket gets you unlimited drinks and games! Non-drinking tickets and guest tickets are available! Replay is an arcade bar in Lincoln Park, their current theme is Cartoon Nostalgia. Email SBA with any questions.

Buy Tickets

APALSA, BLSA, First Gen., HLLSA, Lambdas, and WIL


APALSA, BLSA, First Gen., HLLSA, Lambdas, and WIL are teaming up to co-sponsor our annual 1L academic success workshop on Thursday, October 5th at 4:00 PM in room 580 led by Professor Peter Wendel of Pepperdine Caruso School of Law. Pizza will be served!



National Lawyers Guild (NLG), Kent Justice Foundation (KJF), Racial Equity and Advocacy Alliance (REAA), Labor and Employment Law Society (LELS), Law and Political Economy Project (LPE), American Constitution Society (ACS), Disabilities Advocacy Law Student Association (DALSA), and the Student Humanitarian Network (SHN) are all teaming up to host a progressive happy hour! We’d love a shout in next week’s newsletter.



Come to DALSA’s Gen Bod Meeting this Tuesday to discuss our exciting upcoming initiatives!

International Law Society:


ILSA is presenting the first ever International Day 2023 on October 16th! The date coincides with the UN’s Food Day, and we are excited to bring you a two-part event. First, we are hosting a Food Hall around lunchtime, where we are serving homemade foods from ILSA members, LLMs, JDs, faculty and staff. Second, we will host a panel with speakers who work and have experience in international law. Names to be announced soon! We hope to see you there!





We invite you to our Fall ’23 events! See flyer for deets. RSVP today, at natseclaw. Heads-up: PIZZA WILL BE SERVED! About us: NSLS is a student-run affiliate of the Chicago-Kent Center for National Security and Human Rights Law (CNS). NSLS strives to create an effective, non-partisan forum for informed discourse on U.S. national security policy and foreign affairs.



REAA is hosting a Study Hall on October 4th, 2023 from 2:30PM-4:00PM in C35. Please come and have lunch with fellow like-minded people. These study halls have historically been a great way for 1Ls to meet new REAA members, get outlines, and discuss anything and everything there is to navigating 1L. Please feel free to come and go as needed. We look forward to seeing you there!

Tabletop Gaming Society:


Tabletop Gaming Society is starting up a no commitment DnD game! Join us for an introduction to the most popular roleplaying game on October 6th, starting at 3pm. Learn how to play and why the game is so popular. This event is also open to long time players! This session will be focused on character building and playing some one shots, so this will be fun for all experience levels.

This event will be followed by our first official game on October 13th!

Meme of the week:


More events may be found on the SBA calendar. Please make sure you are accessing via your Kent email address.

*if you wish to share a special date with the student body, click here

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