How Cannabis is Combating The War on Drugs With Illinois State Rep. Kelly Cassidy

This Monday State Rep. Kelly Cassidy gave Chicago-Kent’s Cannabis Law Society a lesson on cannabis legislation in Illinois. The event was part of CLS’s collaboration with the National Lawyers Guild forĀ NLG’s annual Week Against Mass Incarceration.

With this year’s theme “the Drug War,” Chicago-Kent’s Cannabis Law Society chapter took the opportunity to spotlight the progress the cannabis space is making in moving forward from the harms of the failed Drug War, and how legislators like Rep. Kelly Cassidy are taking steps to ensure those disproportionately harmed by the Drug War have access to new opportunities in cannabis.

Read more about Rep. Kelly Cassidy’s work in cannabis legislation.

Rep. Cassidy held our attention with not-oft-taught information on how the Illinois cannabis industry functions, its role in everything from youth addiction rates to tax revenue, and what sets Illinois apart as an enviably comprehensive approach to cannabis legislation.


During Q&A, the Cannabis Law Society President asks about the role of new cannabis PACs in Illinois licensing. Cannabis PACs are an increasing concern among Chicago’s grassroots cannabis community.


Illinois State Representative Kelly Cassidy answers questions on cannabis in Illinois and the Adult Use legislation she’s sponsored with Senator Heather Steans.

Joining students in attendance were Chicago-Kent alumni entering the cannabis field, Loyola’s SSDP and SMART leaders, Chicago NORML, Greenhouse dispensaries, Grassroots Cannabis cultivation, MOCA dispensary, and Chicagoans simply interested in learning about Illinois cannabis.

Delicious food generously provided by The Pasta Bowl.

Chicago-Kent’s Cannabis Law Society officers Sam Kramer, Jake Ziering, and Jack Shadid joined by Illinois State Rep. Kelly Cassidy.